How to Pay for Your Vacation . . .

. . . with other people’s money!


By Lance Hutchinson


WARNING: This article is not for every GCT client.  


If you are financially blessed and can pay for your vacation out of your present income, what follows is not for you.  Please allow me to thank you for your business through the years and invite you to explore our 2020 Grand Lido Resort Take-Over.


If your income, however, is stretched so thin that vacations are becoming an unaffordable luxury, then please read what follows.  What I’ll show you is an honest, simple, “almost anybody can do it” way to raise the cash to pay for your vacation and go relax on the beach without increasing your credit card debt.  As a matter-of-fact, when you get home you can pay off your credit cards this way too!


Step One - Set a goal.  

    Call Judy at toll free 888-825-2779 and have her price your vacation.  Don’t forget to add a little spending money and your airfare.  

    Gulp!  Big number .... Don’t panic!  As an example, let’s use $4,000.  This is a vacation for a week at your favorite all-inclusive, and airfare,  and mad money.


Step Two - Divide the total cost by the number of weeks before the balance is due.  

    If you are traveling in 8 months, the balance will be due in about 6 months or 26 weeks. Again call Judy.  She can help you calculate the number of weeks till final payment is due.

   Now divide the cost by the number of weeks.  In our example, $4,000 ‘/. 26 = $153.85 per week.  So let’s say our target is to raise about $150 per week for the next six months.


Step Three - Get a part-time job.  


    Hang on.  Hear me out.  

    Most part-time jobs are inflexible, and worse yet, pay minimum wage.  BUT there is an opportunity right in your town that lets you work anytime you want. You can start and stop anytime you want.  It’s clean and respected.  AND, it pays on average, $15 - $25 an hour.  

   Ride-sharing!  Be a driver for Lyft and Uber is the answer.  More about this later.

   Using our example above, you’ll need to find 6 - 10 hours a week you can drive to hit your goal of $4,000 in 6 months. ONLY One hour before or after work plus 4 or 5 hours on the weekend and you’ll go over your goal.


Step Four - Use the codes below to apply to become a Lyft and Uber Driver. 

    I’ll explain later why the code is important. 

    To apply you must be 21 years old, have driven for more than a year, have a valid driver’s license, have a clean driving record with no major moving violations, have access to a 2006 or newer car, be a named party on an automobile insurance policy, and pass a background check.

   Driving for Lyft and Uber is a blast!  If you like people, you’ll love this gig. Riders love to talk and share.  If you like performing an urgently needed service, you’ll feel good about helping your neighbor.  And you get paid very well for it!


Step Five - From the Apple App Store or from Google Play, download the Lyft Driver app and the Uber Driver app to your smart phone.  

    Both apps will prompt you through the application process....but remember to use these PROMO codes when prompted.

      For Lyft -  LANCE04609

      For Uber - LANCEH3701UI   (that’s the letter “i” at the end)


    CALL LANCE on his cell at 352-232-1434, if you want help.  I’m a contract recruiter for Lyft and an expert on this, so I can make it very easy for you.

    Why is the promo code important?  Because you will receive a three-part signing bonus, if you do.  YES!  THREE $$ BONUSES!  

    Lyft and Uber vary their bonuses by city and date. It can be $50 or it can be a $1000.  These make up two of the three bonuses and they can be  from $100 to $2000 total. Lance will help you determine that.  

    But remember, while Lyft and Uber bonuses are great, it’s the $150 a week (or more) we are after.  The day in and day out big money comes without the limits and restrictions bonuses have.


Step Six - Call Judy and book your vacation.  Collect ANOTHER $100 bonus!

    No deposit is required!  When your Lyft and Uber application is complete and approved under the promo code above and you have completed the bonus requirements for each company, an additional $100 will be credited to your GCT account! ($50 per company).  This is your third bonus.

    Why?  Because that is the portion of the referral fee they pay Lance that he will pass on to you because you used the LANCE04609 and LANCEH3701UI code.  

    What’s the worst case?  If you are declined by Lyft and Uber, you may cancel the booking without penalty, subject to the following.

   This offer is limited to bookings made with arrivals:

             For FIT bookings more than 90 days out.

             For Group bookings more that 150 days out.


Step 7 - This is all very confusing!  But I’m curious!

    JUST CALL LANCE -  352-232-1434

    I’ll explain it, answer questions, and coach you through the process of getting started as a ride-share driver.  Literally, 100’s-of-thousands of men and women are paying bills, planning for vacations, and helping their families by working part-time in ride-sharing!  It is the phenomenon of our day.  And fun!

   I’ve coached hundreds of people and I can help you too!  But mostly, I want to see you on the beach!  Let me help get you there.  Call me!



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