Go Classy Tours, Inc. specializes in upscale All-Inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. We believe in the personal touch to insure that your vacation is a fun travel experience.

As a tour operator for most of the major resorts in the Caribbean, our company books Sandals, Desire Resorts, Hedonism II, Hidden Beach, FDR Resorts, Couples, and many other top quality resorts in the Caribbean.

History of Go Classy Tours, Inc.

Go Classy Tours, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Florida, August, 1988, as a privately held company with all stock held by Andrew J. Hutchinson, Chairman of the Board; Andrea Hutchinson, President; and Genevieve C. Hutchinson, Vice President.

With more than 50 years of owning and operating successful businesses, the Hutchinson's new venture quickly took off.  During the mid-1990's, Lance and Kay Hutchinson joined the firm to develop the internet services for the company.  Recognizing the potential and the need to separate the wholesale and online/retail sides of the business, the company leased the operation of  the Internet Department to LK Adventures, Inc.  Lance and Kay and their employees serve as the call fullfillment for all internet transactions and inquiries.

Andrea Hutchinson has guided the company for the last 20 years since AJ and Genny retired for the second time.  During that time, the company has grown to a nationally recognized tour operator specializing in resorts in Jamaica, St. Martin, and Mexico.  Expansion over the last five years has allowed the company to efficiently and professionally handle their clients'  travel throughout the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Europe along with all the major cruise lines.

Our founder, AJ, and  Genny, his beloved wife of 73 years both passed away a few years ago, AJ at 88 years old and Genny at 91.  They are both loved and missed. 

The future remains bright for Go Classy Tours and the travel industry.  With the anticipation of Cuba becoming a viable tourist destination, the expansion of the Panama Canal to allow even larger cruise ships to pass, and competitive airfares into the Caribbean with new routes by Southwest and Jet Blue, demand for travel to the islands grows daily.  We are proud to continue the Go Classy Tours tradition of personalized service and low prices and look forward to serving you for many years to come.


Go Classy Tours, Inc. (Florida Registration #10015) was one of the first companies to be registered and bonded under the 1989 Florida Travel Law. When California enacted legislation requiring travel services to register, Go Classy Tours, Inc. (California Registration #1015540-40) immediately complied. The Company is proud of its record of never having a complaint filed against it in either state.

The Internet Department is an independently contracted service to Go Classy Tours. Lance and Kay Hutchinson and their employees are Independent Contractors.

We are members of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), and the Chamber of Commerce. Go Classy Tours, Inc. is proud to be active in the travel profession, as well as the community.

The Company is bonded and approved by ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) and IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network.)

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