Your vacation begins when you leave home.  Part of the plans for your holiday include transportation from the airport to your resort.  Each island and each resort has its own policy and procedures, but let's talk about some of the options you have.


Arrival in a foreigh country can be intimidating and even a little frightening; but keep in mind, millions of tourists over the years have trod the same path you will, so just relax and follow the instructions provided to you by Go Classy Tours and you'll be fine.

Before you leave home, make sure you have your transfer document and know where to meet the transportation to your resort.  In some cases, you will have a voucher for transfers; in others, the hotel document will include transfers and we will give you instructions of where to meet your host hotel.

Transfers provided by the hotel are usually by bus or van. When transfers are not included by the hotel or if you want more private transfers, we can provide you with a variety of options including: 

  • Direct transfers by van or bus,
  • Private transfers by cab, town car, or limosine,
  • Tim Air short-hop flights across the island. 

Just ask your Go Classy Tours' representative for more details and costs.

The following is a general guideline of what to expect at common destinations:

  • Mexico Resorts - Very few include transfers.  In Mexico, we use a very trusted ground transportation company that offers shared and private transfers at very reasonable cost. Exception:  For these resorts we provide shared transfers free for five night stays or longer:  Eldorado Resorts, Azul Resorts, Desire Resorts and Hidden Beach Resort.
  • Jamaica Resorts - Sandals, Couples, Beaches, and Royal Plantation include transfers; most others do not.  We offer several choices including 55 passenger, air-conditioned buses that make several stops in route; 22 passenger, air-conditioned buses that are direct to your resort; private transers by Lincoln Towncar or the equivilent; and limosine transfers.  Tim Air private chartered air flights are also available for the truly time conscience.
  • Other Caribbean Islands - With the exception of Sandals and Club Med, transfers are generally handled by private cab, rental car, or a local tour company.  Speak with your agent for more details.

And there are exceptions: Some packages include transfers by the the tour operator, such as Apple Vacations.  Again, your Go Classy Tours agent will prepare you for a worry-free vacationt. 

AND HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE:  Getting there is part of the fun!  Your transfers to and from the resort the equivilent of a free excursion tour.  Relax and enjoy the scenery.   Most drivers, if encouraged, will point out the interesting sights along the way, share details of life on the area, and relate the history of their community.  They are happy to share the wonders of their world.  Take advantage and soak it all in. 

If the driver is friendly, entertaining, and gets you to your destination safely, a small tip of $2 - $5 per person is a nice way to say thank you.  Even at all-inclusive hotels, the transportation personnel are not employees of the resort.  Tips are an important part of their income.

If you have more questions about your transfers or transportation in the islands in general, call us or write to and we will be delighted to answer your questions.


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