Charlie's Spa is Couples San Souci's complete tropical-style facility, and has earned praise as one of the best spas in all the Caribbean by numerous publications, critics, travel guides and of course, by our guests. The spa got its name from "Charlie," a friendly resident sea turtle. More than 100 years old, Charlie lives in the mineral spring grotto that bubbles up from beneath the resort with rejuvenating waters that rival the great natural mineral springs of Europe.

Our mineral waters are the source from which our location's original popularity first sprang forth. As far back as the 1700s, the mineral springs on the Couples Sans Souci property have been mentioned in Jamaican history books as being excellent for health purposes and renewing romantic energy. For generations, people from nearby villages would congregate on Sundays, lining up for the whole day to take their turn in the mineral spring for its curative powers.

Today Charlie's Spa offers a complete array of revitalizing and pampering treatments to relax and tone the body, mind and soul.

The 24-hour fitness center is complete with an indoor gym boasting the latest in aerobics equipment, exercise machines and free weights. We also offer classes in aerobics, yoga, aquacize, Pilates and meditation. The mineral pool is right by the gym if you want to go for an energizing dip and, if you can't decide, personal trainers are available for every sport to assist you in developing a fitness schedule.

The most popular optional spa treatments are:

A Swedish Massage Taken indoors or in one of the three cliffside gazebos overlooking the sea, it relaxes the muscles through major pressure points and the applications of aromatic oils.

An Exfoliating Body Scrub This helps renew the body from neck to toe, cleansing deep impurities and polishing the skin. (Please note that Body Scrubs are a nude treatment)

A Refreshing Facial Facials release toxins through massage, steaming and an exfoliating mask. Leaving the skin supple and renewed.

Reflexology This treatment cleanses the internal organs of accumulated gases, toxins and wastes by working pressure points on the feet.

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